Banking Just Got Easier With Biteris.

Biteris Bank

Biteris Bank is reaching thousands of new clients each day and helping businesses everywhere develop and grow.

What is Biteris Bank?

Unlike a traditional bank, Biteris Bank is a global entity and services the globe. Biteris Bank provides loans for individuals and businesses without all the red tape that most financial institutions require you to entangle yourself in. Biteris Bank also facilitates payment processing as an alternative to costly credit card processors and serves as a global registry for businesses to transact with clients everywhere in the world without fear of fraud or misfortune.

Biteris Bank offers clients the ability to transact freely across borders and provides the administrative support necessary to facilitate those transactions.

Biteris Bank

How Do I Open a Biteris Bank Account?

Simply go to the BiterisBank website and fill out the contact form. You will receive an email and instructions on how to complete the process.

Are Biteris Bank Accounts Anonymous?

There are 3 types of accounts. Anonymous, Registered and Business. Biteris Bank accounts are easier to open than any other bank account because the client maintains full control of their account and their money. Biteris Bank does not freeze, hold, withdraw, or reverse payments. As an anonymous client, you have the option of transacting globally without fear of scrutiny. However, as a Registered or Business status client, you can participate in funding offers, earn money with Biteris promotional offers, and apply for funding grants. The option is always that of the client.

For more information, contact us on WhatsApp or Telegram anytime 24/7 and be sure to visit to check out other offers.




As the world economy becomes more volatile, Biteris creates ways to circumvent poverty with Biteris Tokens.

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As the world economy becomes more volatile, Biteris creates ways to circumvent poverty with Biteris Tokens.

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