Biteris Community Is Changing Cryptocurrency Forever.

Community has almost but all been forgotten. Social responsibility is more about who shouts the loudest nowadays.

Banks are disqualifying everyone for almost everything, making it impossible to obtain funding for a business.

Government allows credit sources such as Experian and Equifax to maintain a standard score of your financial history.

Anything under a score of 650 gets you nothing.

Biteris is changing all of this with a cooperative banking system built on blockchain.

Here’s how it works:

To be part of the community one must maintain a minimum of at least $50 USD, or 50 BTSC. BTSC maintains a standard dollar amount regardless of the market shifts. If someone sells all their BTSC for less or more on the Waves Exchange where BTSC is hosted, the value of the token still remains the same. This prevents manipulation of the value of token. We also believe that even though the US dollar is faulty to a degree, it remains a global standard, monetarily. BTSC can be traded against any other crypto on the Waves Exchange, and is open and free as a crypto.

Biteris Admin remains the administrative entity for all the transactions that take place, and all movement of Biteris as a company continues regardless of the community activities. Biteris does not control or create any rules as to how BTSC is traded or distributed, so anyone can initially set up shop and create a local economy trading or selling BTSC.

Anyone can register, anywhere in the world regardless of social status. Biteris encourages member involvement and is essentially required for members to receive benefits as part of the community.

What Are The Benefits To Becoming A Biteris Community Member?

The primary reason most people find this community interesting, is the financial support such as loans, gifts and grants.

Global credit and social score will ultimately become a major factor in most of our lives. We are already seeing this with the Covid Passports.

Biteris provides exceptional processing services around the world as well. No matter what your business model, Biteris can make sure your payments are delivered and without restrictions.

Biteris provides business development support to small businesses. Loans up to $1 Billion USD for major projects.

Personal loans and guaranteed revenue for it’s members.

Increased social status.

There is currently a Biteris Community on Facebook, Telegram and Instagram.

Why Is Biteris Only on Waves Exchange?

Biteris remains on the Waves Exchange for a few reasons.

High transaction speed.

Truly open source programming.

Ease of use.

Zero chance of copycats or frauds.

There will only be 1 Biteris BTSC token created on Waves. There will never be another created as Waves doesn’t allow even similar named tokens to be created. Although Waves is decentralized, they offer technical chat in the wallet, and help keep the users safe with a proactive security team.

Here are the basic membership requirements and access levels.

Member: 50 BTSC minimum deposit and maintained in their Biteris Wallet.

Voting Member: 100 BTSC minimum deposit

Business Member:



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