Biteris Teams Up With Crypto Directory Cryptomapz

What companies are accepting crypto right now? Cryptomapz knows.

Who takes crypto? What companies are taking Bitcoin? What companies are acceppting Biteris? A lot more companies than you think. Cryptomapz will guide you. There are thousands of options out there for crypto enthusiasts, you just need stop by the site and check them out!

Biteris Bank® has teamed up with Cryptomapz, a major crypto directory online to help everyday people understand the benefits of using cryptocurrency.

Currently, all Cryptomapz users will get a $5 BTSC credit in their wallet just for using signing up using Biteris® in their everyday transactions and for utilizing the quality services provided by the many companies listed on Cryptomapz.

Biteris also provides a guarantee that anyone who pays any client in Biteris crypto, is GUARANTEED a ZERO FRAUD experience.



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