Biteris: The First Real Estate Backed Crypto

Biteris Global offers to clients all over the globe, the virtual ability to invest in any real estate project, anywhere, and without fear of fraud, scams or swindles.

Biteris offers the worlds first real estate backed cryptocurrency.

As the value of Biteris tokens steadily increase, investors can be sure that progression is inevitable. Biteris tokens can be used in any capacity to invest in real projects anywhere on the planet.

This concept, although not really ingenious, is a new avenue for investors dealing with regulatory eschews.

Imagine for a minute having only a few thousand dollars to invest, yet the projects require more than you can provide initially. Since Biteris already funds it’s own real estate projects, your money is just as good as some of the bigger players and can be added to any pot. You can pick a project, find a new project, flip houses in any city where the market is viable and reap a benefit in the form of actual profit. Should you decide to trade in your investment at any time for cash, simply sell your tokens back to the market on the Waves Exchange or transfer your documents to another investor for a profit that only you will realize and immediately.

Biteris tokens are truly a utility based tokens that retain value with physical property. No longer does the world have to wait in order to experience the benefits of a thriving economy. Simply purchase Biteris tokens. Regardless of the value of the token at the time you decide to sell, the benefit remains the same. This essentially makes Biteris tokens stable and viable.

To find out more, visit Biteris or contact us by Whatsapp.

As the world economy becomes more volatile, Biteris creates ways to circumvent poverty with Biteris Tokens.

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