Housing For Felons: How Felons Can Obtain Housing Easily. Biteris Provides Solutions.

Housing for Felons. Biteris Provides Solutions.

Biteris provides housing solutions for felons seeking a way out of the hole.

More than 2.3 million people are incarcerated in the United States. There are millions more with felony convictions. The situation is starting to pose a serious problem for people due to the strict rules most management companies impose regarding this issue.

Biteris has created an exit strategy for hard working felons who have a need to provide housing for themselves and for their family.

Housing for felons has always been a tough subject. There are many apartment complexes that have lax rules and are willing to rent to almost anyone. The problem lies in quality of life and most times safety is an issue.

Noone wants to live in an area infested with drugs and violence. Since a vast majority of felons are non-violent, these conditions are unreasonable and sometimes unfathomable.

Housing for felons is also a difficult pill for most companies to swallow because statistics show that most of the home environments that these felons emerge from breed problems in general.

Biteris has the ultimate solution. People convicted of felonies can now depend on funding to purchase, own and flip real estate. Housing is available within a month, and the selection of homes to pick from is derived from bank repos and preforeclosures.

The average cost of buying into the program is about $1500.00. To get started, one simply needs to register and begin the search. Registration costs are roughly $129.00-$149.00.

Houses are available everywhere in the US. To find out more about how the program works, check out Biteris Rentals or link up on WhatsApp

Always keeping in mind that “Felon” is not a label, simply a legal term, Biteris strives to support the quality of life for all hard working people, from every walk of life.

Biteris utilizes blockchain technology to make it easier to bring housing to felons.

As the world economy becomes more volatile, Biteris creates ways to circumvent poverty with Biteris Tokens.