No Collateral Loans. Bad Credit Loans. Business Funding. Biteris Bank.

Biteris Bank

Big banks. Fees. Qualifying. Frozen Accounts. Regulations. Control. Who needs it? Not you. Not anyone.

How can I obtain a loan with no collateral, no credit, or bad credit?

Biteris Bank funds individuals and businesses everywhere in the world.

Everything works on a social credit, generated volume and usage. The more you utilize Biteris Crypto, the greater your chances are of obtaining a loan without having to qualify.

Biteris is self-funded. There is no risky stock or crypto to buy and hold, although it wouldn’t be a bad idea, and you simply use it as you would use cash. It’s interchangeable and new brokers are registering everyday so you will always have access to cash if you need it.

There is no other bank in the world that lends on socially responsible principles, or, simply volume of sales. Biteris Bank is changing the game.

How Do I Apply for a Biteris Loan?

Applying is easy. Just go to and fill out the application.

There is a new Telegram Group for open discussion as well.

Biteris Bank operates in more than 150 countries, and is currently recruiting representatives to assist with expansion.

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