Now Trade Biteris On SwitchDex. ETH / DAI / BTSC / ESH

SwitchDex Hosts Ethereum, DAI, and Now Biteris (BTSC)

Decentralized trading platform Switchdex, known for hosting ERC20 tokens and coins riding the Ethereum blockchain, is now home to Biteris, (BTSC). Ethereum supporters and global blockchain enthusiasts can trade buy and sell BTSC on an open forum without the need to download any software or go through a KYC process.

SwitchDex is a decentralized exchange running on the Ethereum blockchain. SwitchDex allows ANYONE to create a portal to the exchange and share in the trading fees. is built on SwitchDex! Platform Ethereum. To use Ethereum DApps on the web, we recommend a browser add-on such as Metamask.

MetaMask ( is a browser extension that lets you run dApps without being part of the Ethereum network as a Ethereum Node. Instead, it lets you connect to another Ethereum Node called INFURA ( and run smart contracts on that Node. MetaMask manages your Ethereum wallet, which contains your Ethers (or money), and allows you to send and receive Ethers through a dApp of interest. It is a pretty neat tool.

In short, once MetaMask is installed, you can connect your ETH wallet directly to the SwitchDex exchange and trade easily. If you need some ETH to get started with you can buy some on the Biteris website.

Biteris crypto is currently being implemented in various applications around the world. Keep updated by joining the Telegram Community.

As the world economy becomes more volatile, Biteris creates ways to circumvent poverty with Biteris Tokens.